malcolm butler crying*Malcolm Butler, the Patriots player who saved saved the Super Bowl win for them was very close to getting his own free truck from Chevy just like the one QB and game MVP Tom Brady is getting, according to NFL.

Chevy was made aware Brady wants to give up his MVP prize/truck to Butler. They didn’t want this. They came up with another solution of two trucks, but things didn’t work out as planned for both players.

“Obviously, it was part of his prize as MVP, but we’re aware of Tom Brady’s wishes for Malcolm to have the truck,” the rep told TMZ.

TMZ asked Chevy are they actually giving Butler his own ride. A rep replied with,  “we’ve discussed it. That’s all I can really say right now.”

Although the rep didn’t reveal much, it turns there won’t be a second truck. Instead Brady, after all, is giving up his truck to Butler on Tuesday.