marc_lamont_hill_*The Huffington Post is launching a weekly primetime satirical TV  (online) news show on the front page airing Fridays at 9 p.m. ET. Marc Lamont Hill and HuffPost Live president Roy Sekoff will host the show.

The “HuffPost Show” will look back at the top news stories of the week. Also, the satirical show will focus on celebrity interviews, panel discussions and commentary, according to the Wrap.
Arianna Huffington said the Huffington Post has always delivered the news with voice, attitude and a point of view. “Launching a weekly show that offers a satiric look at the week’s top stories was a natural extension of the brand.”

“We are obviously experiencing a revolution in the way people find and consume what we’ve traditionally thought of as TV,” Sekoff said.

“These seismic shifts afford us a fantastic opportunity to deliver a digital-first series that is infused with the HuffPost’s DNA — and features a broad editorial mix that quickly goes from high brow to low brow,” he added.

Sekoff wants HuffPost readers to continue to come to the site for the immigration debate and stay for the Kardashians, for example.

“We’ll combine the kind of news-with-a-satiric-edge that people clearly are hungry for with The Huffington Post’s expertise in creating and promoting viral content,” he said.