mariah carey

*At least make us believe it dahhling.

The Internet filled up over the weekend with more video of Mariah Carey struggling through a performance, but this time it had nothing to do with her vocals…because she was lip-syncing.

Only her lip-syncing wasn’t so good.

This one took place at the 2015 Jazz And Blues Festival in Jamaica. Gossip Cop had all the embarrassing details:

The superstar made a big show of pretending to sing, holding up the microphone and mouthing words. Except they were often the wrong words, or she simply missed the cues all together and her backing track did the singing for her. All the while Carey kept smiling, made emotional singing faces, and played with her ear pieces.

After the show, fans took to the Jamaica Observer website, where they voiced complaints on an article that claimed Carey had “conquered” the festival and “wooed” the audience with her hit songs. “She completely lipped Fantasy! I’m a die hard lamb but her mouth did not even move,” wrote one person. Another agreed, noting, “She was lipping all night. At one point she had the mic at her mouth the song was playing and the crowd swear she was singing. She didn’t do one live song.” “Mariah was a disappointment! She couldn’t hit a high note to save her life and lipped her way out,” said someone else.

One commenter even wrote, “Was the Observer reporters at a different show from me? A large number of persons in the crowd around me were very disappointed. Something about her was not right. She kept fixing her hair every 5 seconds, saying inappropriate things and her ‘singing’ quality was poor. There were persons shouting, ‘We want the real Mariah!'”


Below, her performance of “Fantasy” from the Jamaica show: