michael jackson, frank dileo,*A former business partner of Frank DiLeo, the late former manager of Michael Jackson, is releasing a tell-all book about everyone who ever manipulated the pop icon.

But he also claimed that Jackson allegedly underwent plastic surgery because he didn’t want to look like his father Joe Jackson, according to Page Six.

DiLeo was Jackson’s manager in the 1980s. And was with him during the period before his untimely death. DiLeo passed away himself in 2011.

His former business partner Mark Lamica is releasing, “DiLeo: I Am Going to Set the Record Straight.” Lamica is using DiLeo’s personal journals, audio and video recordings for the book.

“Michael told Frank in a phone conversation that he couldn’t bear to see his father’s face when he looked in the mirror,” Lamica said. “Frank had told him that he needed to stop changing his face, because he was becoming unrecognizable to his fans.

He added, “Michael was emotional and told Frank, ‘I gotta cut him away, I’ve got to remove him. I still see Joseph when I look in the mirror, I have got to cut him away.’”

Lamica continued with, “Michael couldn’t be near his father. When he would show up during the ‘Bad’ tour, Michael would have panic attacks.”

Lamica claimed DiLeo wanted him to release the book if anything happened to him. The latter passed away due to his complications with heart surgery in 2011.  The former is in talks to get the book released this fall.