*She may play a cougar on TV, but Naomi Campbell insists she is not one in real life…at least not with Justin Bieber.

The supermodel and co-star of Fox’s “Empire” had people buzzing after she was spotted holding hands with Biebs backstage at her Fashion for Relief charity show on Valentine’s Day.

“I was taking him to try some clothes on. I was taking him to the stylist, Patrick,” she explained to BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw. “They made a whole thing about it, which is not true.”

But some couldn’t help but make the comparison between the model and Camilla, the character she plays on “Empire.”

“They were trying to say life imitates art because [on] my show ‘Empire,’ my guy is younger,” Naomi said. “And I’m like, ‘No, nice guy [Justin], but not my guy.’”


The model also revealed that Justin was actually supposed to be in her runway show.

“He was going to walk and then he got nervous,” she said. “I don’t know if he got nervous, he just felt like he wanted to watch, so I was happy for the support.”