robert griffin III

*Former Oakland Raiders receiver and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown is the latest NFL veteran to join the chorus of negative opinions surrounding fellow Heisman winner Robert Griffin III.

According to CSN Washington, Brown has gotten to know the Redskins quarterback through various Heisman events, and believes RG3 has personality flaws that may contribute to the dysfunction in the Washington locker room.

“I know RG3 well enough to know he’s a little different,” Brown said on ESPN980. “He’s maybe not the brother you hang out with in the locker room, but from that standpoint that’s something he has to work on.”

Brown goes onto explain that RG3 needs to be a leader for all of his teammates in the locker room, not just a select few. The former Notre Dame star expanded on the time he spent with Griffin through Heisman events:

“He’s tough. He’s a different guy. There’s no laughter, there’s no let me get in here with the boys. Everyone’s telling jokes with each other and you say something to him and it’s like, ‘Oh, wow, really?’ Instead of taking it further what happens is that everyone is like he’s not in the room yet so you end up talking around him the whole time and that’s not cool. Everyone else is in here having fun and having a jovial time. That’s something he has to understand. This is a team sport. If it was golf, brother, I’d say go for it. But if you play a team sport and want to be a leader of a team sport, you have to loosen up a little bit.”