richard sherman & ashley moss
*Dang, talk about bad timing.

As the Super Bowl nears, one of the game’s participants, Richard Sherman has a decision to make. His girlfriend, Ashley Moss is pregnant and the baby, a boy, is scheduled to enter the world on February 12. But hey, you never know. It could happen tomorrow on the big day. If that happens things could get interesting. Or not.

In any event, his is the couple’s second trip to the Super Bowl, but Moss says it’s been crazy with the news coming out that they are expecting a baby.

“We didn’t expect it to be such a national story,” she said.

Even with all the attention around their first child, Moss says Sherman is focused.

“He’s very locked in; football comes first,” said Moss.

But here’s the news all Seattle Seahawks fans want to know. In an interview with KING 5 News yesterday, Moss revealed that Sherman will not skip the Super Bowl if she goes into labor. She said that she originally toyed with the idea of not telling him if she went into labor on Super Bowl Sunday. But after he told her, “You better call,” they had a talk about it, and she told him that he shouldn’t skip the game under any circumstance.

“I told him [to] play the game,” she said. “It’ll be a good story to tell. His son and I will be sitting there, watching, cheering him on the whole game and, as soon as it’s over, he can be there.”

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