viola davis,*Viola Davis dished to Entertainment Weekly about “How to Get Away with being Awesome,” and playing sexy, ruthless lawyer Annalise Keating.

She opened up about having love scenes on the hit law drama.

“It was nerve-wracking, but I went for it.  Anyone should be nervous doing very personal and private scenes. If you are not nervous, then something is wrong with you.”

Although she plays the acclaimed (sexy) Keating on “HTGAWM,” there are still difficulties with being an aging actress in Hollywood.

“There’s the reality of being an actor, especially after two Academy Award nominations, and there’s the fantasy,” she said. “People oversimplify it by saying, start a production company, get your own stuff going on … as if it’s that easy.

She added, “I’ve had a production company for years. We have great projects coming up, but it’s been a battle, okay? At the same time, you have to stay relevant because you have to be bankable to the foreign market.”

Davis is attracted to the sexualization and messiness of her character, which is something she never has gotten to play before now.

“…when How to Get Away with Murder came along, I had my a-ha moment. I knew it would have a great time slot, and I would be a lead in a TV show. I’d get to play a role that’s sexualized, messy, all those of things I never get to play. And at the same time, I can be relevant.”