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*The TV One original movie, “White Water,” set in segregated 1963 Opelika, Alabama is filled with whimsy and charm.

Larenz Tate who came to prominence as O-Dog in the 1993 acclaimed drama “Menace II Society” produced and stars in the film premiering at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT on Saturday, February 7.

He describes “White Water” based on a true story and book of the same name as “a coming of age story of a young boy and his journey (and) heartfelt. It’s funny. It’s really a feel good movie.”

The movie’s title refers to the water in a “white’s only” water fountain that a seven-year-old black child named Michael (played by Amir & Amari O’Neil) is determined to drink because he’s convinced it’s much better than the colored so called “rusty” water he’s forced to drink .

Despite warnings from his mother Annie (Sharon Leal) and his father Terrance (Larenz Tate) that he should stay in his lane – or rather his side of the fountain – Michael tries everything he can to get a taste of the great white water.

“Sharon is amazing. Her approach to the character Annie was not typical. It was not what you would think it would be. It’s heartfelt,” Tate in an exclusive interview said about the “Why Did I Get Married?” star.

The marriage of Terrance, a musician, and Annie is over – but Terrance routinely visits Michael to show his deep love for his son. When he is on screen you see why he and Annie could no longer have a happy home. To say that he has a roving eye and hands toward women is an understatement.

Terrance has an issue with commitment “and relationships if you will being the musician that he is. He sees a lot of women (and) he’s around a lot of women,” Tate said.

In real life the NAACP Image Award nominee is happily married with three sons and busy with his production company Tate Men Entertainment that is a family affair. The 39-year-old is proud to be in business with his brothers, Larron, a writer-producer and Lahmard, who is an actor.

The production company is thriving and Tate shared with me just one of their upcoming projects.

Tate stars as Max Troy, one of the top video gamers in the world, in the action drama “Beta Test” set to hit theaters later this year “maybe summer towards the fall.”

“It’s about the gaming world – of video games (and) how video games become reality. I am confronted with a video game that becomes real life,” Tate revealed.

He’s giddy about being Don Cheadle’s brother – a fourth season of playing Malcolm Kaan to Cheadle’s Marty Kaan on Showtime’s award winning “House of Lies.”

“I play a guy who comes in and I stir up family issues and cause a little trouble. I get underneath Don Cheadle’s character’s skin,” Tate remarked.

TV One is a cable network that now serves 57 million households.

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(‘White Water’: TV One’s Feel Good Movie About Young Boy and His Journey)