*The woman who was punched by Afroman mid-concert this week is preparing to hit him back – in court.

According to TMZ, the 21-year-old named Haley hired an attorney, who is claiming that she suffered multiple injuries to her neck, jaw and back after the attack.

Her lawyer Tim Holleman also thinks she may have suffered a mild concussion … since she doesn’t remember the punch.

Although video shows Haley wandering onstage unchecked, Holleman says the venue should bear some responsibility since security did nothing to remove her, particularly since Afroman has a violent history with fans.

Holleman also is not buying Afroman’s claim that he didn’t know Haley was a woman, because Afroman saw her when she got on stage, something the video seems to prove.

Haley’s attorney says she’s already amassed medical bills and will be seeking reimbursement if they go forward with a lawsuit.