*Porsha Williams definitely has to deal with cases of #blackpeopleproblems.

She is unexpectedly mistaken for another celebrity…. very unexpectedly!

But her celebrity doppelganger is so hilarious, it makes her laugh right along.

She was asked by “Dish Nation” if she had been mistaken for her co-stars from “RHOA” — Kenya Moore or NeNe Leakes ever? And her response was…

“I haven’t gotten either one of them, but I have gotten Arsenio Hall,” Williams said while fighting back laughter.

Yes, that’s right. She had been mistaken for funny-man Arsenio Hall.  Say what?!!!

Williams is a beautiful and talented young woman, so why wouldn’t she take the comparison as an insult?

Well, Hall did dress up like a woman in “Coming to America” and she could see the resemblance.

“They specifically talking about when he was in ‘Coming to America’ and he was dressed like a woman,” Porsha explained as she attempted to keep a straight face. She admits that the comments were a little hurtful at first, but she couldn’t say they’re inaccurate. “I was like half-way pissed but when I [saw] it, I was like ‘It’s kinda true.”

Well, at least Williams has a sense of humor, and it is Hall’s most well-known onscreen performance.

Watch the hilarious video below: