terrence_howard*There’s no question that “Empire” makes Wednesday nights must-see TV with it pushing the envelope to the extreme every week.

So what would happen if there was no envelope to push and they could get away with doing and saying anything? If it was up to Terrence Howard, that would be exactly what viewers got.

And then some since he would want his character Lucious Lyon to use the n-word on the show. From his interview with Entertainment Weekly, it’s safe to say that Howard is truly not a fan of holding back on what makes the show a center of conversation following each episode.

“If we start getting silly, if we start playing to people’s fancies, then we don’t deserve to be where we are,” he said regarding the success of “Empire.” “It’s a big pressure because I want to be a truth-sayer. I want to raise the bar. I want to get rid of this f***ed up word called PC. I think it’s a gate for bigotry because as long as you’re politically correct you can say anything you want but feel some way different.”

“I’m mad that we don’t say n***er in the show,” Howard continued. “Why is TV showing something different from the reality of the world? Why is there a thing called censorship that stops people from hearing everyday talk? We use n***er every day. It’s become part of a conversation — why aren’t we using it in the show?”

So what say you? What do you think “Empire” would be like if Lucious, Cookie and the rest of the show’s characters brought the n-word into the dialogue?

Would it be a good thing or a bad thing? Sound off below: