Judge Olu Stevens

Judge Olu Stevens

*Well, there is at least one judge who doesn’t hesitate to let the court know exactly how he feels…personally and without apology.

Local reports say a judge put the parents of a little girl they say is in  “constant fear of black men” on blast in the courtroom.

According to the Daily News, the parents say their child’s fear began with a home invasion on the family two years ago; by two black men who robbed them at gunpoint while the little girl was watching “SpongeBob Squarepants” on TV.

Judge Olu Stevens has been criticized on social media because he gave the robber, who pleaded guilty, only five years probation. The family and its supporters believe a harsher sentence should have been given.

Though Stevens does not downplay the serious nature of the crime, and the seriousness of a child being traumatized, he doesn’t hesitate to make it known that he is personally offended by what he believes is the parents’ attitude of fostering stereotypes. (Click over to watch).

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