lafonzo leonard iracks, kealo,

Lafonzo Leonard Iracks (left), Kealo

*D.C. police arrested 21-year-old Lafonzo Leonard Iracks for fatally shooting Keaway Lafonz Ivy in the chest during a music video shoot last Wednesday, according to CBS Baltimore.

Ivy, also known as rapper Kealo, was found dead in a parking lot close to the video shoot. It wasn’t his first filmed video, he had a YouTube’s channel worth, rapping about street life.

According to to investigators, two-dozen people scattered the scene when the shot was fired and Kealo was later found dead in the parking lot. Iracks fled, but was later found in the northwestern section of D.C.

“People might look at some of the videos and the things that might be on his channel and say ‘oh well I don’t know,’ but this is the urban life and in order to make a way out you sometimes you have to tell the story,” said Kealo’s friend, named O.D.O.

“He was like our personal Spike Lee,” said another. His friends said although he looked like a gangster, his music and videos promoted peace.

“He never bothered nobody for real,” said Kealo’s brother Eric Ivy. “My brother was a person who stayed to himself. He was doing what he loved man. It was his dream.”

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