brandy - fantasia

*Brandy and Fantasia will be questioned under oath about why they fired their ex-publicist Courtney Barnes.  He’s suing Sony Music for forcing him out because he’s black, according to

The well-known music publicist claimed in the lawsuit that Fantasia’s manager told him that Sarah Dennison, a vice president at Sony, disliked him to the point she was willing to screw over the singer’s career to get rid of him.

Barnes went on to claim the manager said Dennison doesn’t like him due to his “shady business practices,” but that’s code language for racism. He’s only met the vice president once.

He’s suing Sony Music for $250,000 in damages for ruining his good name in the music industry and emotional distress. The label wants the lawsuit to be dismissed.

Nevertheless, Brandy and Fantasia both have to sit-down to testify about the claimed racial accusations between their ex PR rep and Sony Music.

Read the legal document here.