deion sanders & deion Sanders jr.*Sometimes as parents you just gotta do what you gotta do and put your kid in check. Even if it means a little embarrassment for him.

That’s the case with Deion Sanders and his son, Deion Sanders Jr. Dad had to remind son that that he ain’t “hood” after he posted a tweet that said: “Gotta get the hood doughnuts almost every morning. If my doughnuts don’t come in a plain white box, I don’t want them!”

Actually Deion Sr. thought Deion Jr.’s post was funny and checked him by saying, “you’re a Huxtable with a million $ trust fund stop the hood stuff! Lololol. Son. #Truth.”

(We might also add that that Junior’s spelling was a dead giveaway that he’s more “Huxtable” than “hood.” In his tweet he spelled “doughnut” instead of “donut.”)

It seems their online conversation made an impact with followers, as one of Jr.’s friends tweeted about someone coming up to them at the Cheesecake Factory and asked if he liked “hood doughnuts, according to Vlad TV.