dmx rock the bells

*DMX’s lawyer has declared that his client is innocent.

As previously reported, the rapper is accused of robbing someone at a New Jersey Exxon station earlier this week, and his lawyer, Murray Richman, told E! News that the accusations are “completely absurd.”

The alleged victim, 21, claimed that someone in X’s entourage flashed his gun and told him to hand over the $3,200 that he had taken out of his pocket from his freshly-cashed paycheck. He said DMX “snatched it” out of his hands and drove off.

Richman told E! News DMX’s side of the story. He was leaving the Masters of Ceremony show at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, “ a very successful show, and he stopped for gas.”

He continued, “Four young men approached him for a photo. They took photos and they offered [DMX] drugs. He said no and told them to go…They had an argument and next thing you know, they are accusing him of robbery. Just nonsense.”

DMX – who has struggled in the past with staying clean and out of trouble – has yet to comment publicly.