*Meet Beyonce. No silly, not that BeyoncéOK, let me explain.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to pay homage to your celebrity idol. And I am sure that that celebrity would love nothing more than knowing you bought a ticket to see their movie; paid for the download of their CD, or even keep a photo of them somewhere in your house. Hey, you’re talking to someone who raised their kid on Michael Jackson. But hey, that doesn’t mean I’d ever name a son after him.

Its not surprising that some parents are also loyal fans who may think naming their children after a celebrity is cute. But they need to think again, because cute ain’t always OK. And their children don’t always agree. Think about all the attention given to a shy girl named Beyonce; or the jokes that a girl with the misfortune of being Mary Kate Olsen in name only hears.

Take a girl named “Beyonce,” who lives in New York. She’s not having fun with her name at all. In fact, in a Facebook post she insists that living a quiet life is almost impossible because she’s named after a mega-star.

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