divas - wendy (vanessa bell calloway)

Vanessa Bell Calloway in ‘Divas’

*When a conniving over-the-hill Hollywood diva mysteriously turns up dead, no one who knew her is surprised. Everyone is a suspect from her co-stars to her director.

Divas definitely plays the fine line between breaking down the types of characters actresses often portray.

What do you do when your star power fades and how much competition is out there? Some of Hollywood’s leading ladies round out the cast to get these answers in the film that is sort of a modern day game of Clue.


“Divas” has quite a bevy of leading ladies starring such as Vanessa Bell Calloway (“Shameless”), Melissa De Sousa (“The Best Man”), Bianca Lawson (The Vampire Diaries), Angell Conwell (The Young & The Restless) and Drew Sidora (“The TLC Story”).  It also reintroduces us to the likes of Natalie Desselle Reid (“Eve”), Rachel True (“Half & Half”), popular video vixen Leila Arcieri (“Son of the Beach”), Natalie Raitano (“V.I.P”), Caroline Chikezie (“Eon Flux”) and the sole leading man Michael Boatman (“Spin City”).

“Divas” is now in release on home video. Also check out the exclusive and hilarious, but edgy clip to EUR, below:

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