rev. al sharpton*Whenever there is racial unrest, leave it to Fox News to put the blame on it all on the Rev. Al Sharpton, whether he’s directly doing something about the situation or not.

The Daily Beast reports that Sharpton’s name came up for the blaming Monday (April 27) during the channel’s coverage of the unrest happening in Baltimore with protests that have turned into riots. Commenting on the crisis, Fox’ Eric Bolling cited Sharpton and fellow activist Jesse Jackson while calling for civil rights leaders to come to take a come out against the violence that’s overtaking the city.

On the other side is“Shepard Smith Reporting” host Shepard Smith, who pointed out what’s actually happening in Baltimore and an insufficient response from police as he responded quickly to Bolling, saying that he hadn’t heard from anyone he wanted to hear from.

“I heard Alveda King a little while ago on our air telling her [sic] to get people home, that this is not a way to solve any problems. But it seems like, in the middle of all of this, to start picking on people for civil rights and what they’re saying and what they’re not saying—we could spend our time watching this and reporting on it,” Smith said.

The Daily Beast mentioned Smith goes on to check Bolling’s “condemnation of a reality that does not exist,” stating, “That’s a wonderful idea. I’m confident [those leaders] are all watching and will – on your instruction – do exactly that.”

Adding to the discussion is the other person on the Fox News panel, Bolling’s fellow “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld, who asked where “the parents” are.

Smith later brings in another relevant topic into the chat: Baltimore’s systemic criminal justice and economic issues that have been present in the city’s disadvantaged neighborhoods for decades.

To see Bolling and Smith’s chat, check out the video below: