Columbus Short*Columbus Short’s character may have been killed off on “Scandal,” but the actor may be finding new life on “Empire.”

Chatting with E! Online, Short alluded to “bridging my music career with my acting career” as he addressed rumors of him appearing on the second season of the hit Fox show.

“Big things are happening,” he said. “I’m going to be bridging my music career with my acting career.”

Nowadays, Short is on the rebound from the personal drama he encountered a year ago with the split from his wife. Prior to the break up, Short got involved in a bar fight that resulted in a run-in with the law. The entertainer admitted later in an interview with Access Hollywood that his issues stemmed from substance abuse problems with cocaine and alcohol

As it stands now, Short has relocated to Atlanta, where he is clean and working on music. According to the actor, things look set for a major return.

“I’m not only back but it’s about to be a problem for Hollywood because we’re going to go big,” he told E!. “I’m excited, but I’m also humbled and grateful.”

So with that, where exactly does Short stand regarding “Empire”?

“I’m just saying it wouldn’t be a shock,” said Short, who wouldn’t officially confirm his casting on the show.

Talk of Short and “Empire” comes amid the release of his new indie thriller “The Girl Is in Trouble.” In the Julius Onah-directed film, which is playing in select theaters and on Video on Demand/VOD, Short stars as August, an aspiring deejay that gets caught in the middle of the murder of a drug dealer friend.

As for his former show, Short confessed that he misses being on “Scandal.” But that doesn’t mean he can bring himself to watch it anymore.

“I won’t lie,” he says. “I do miss it. I miss it a lot,” he shared. “I completely avoid it. I support it, but it’s like being an injured football player on the sidelines.”

Nevertheless, Short would “1,000 percent” rejoin the show if he was asked back.

“It’s like breaking up with your girlfriend…It’s like, ‘Oh, man, lets just hook up a couple of more times,'” he said.