janet jackson missing

*Janet Jackson’s fans are concerned about her whereabouts.

They want her back on the scene, and have gone so far as to circulate a flyer online declaring the singer “missing” from the entertainment industry.

The virtual alert got the attention of Janet , who retweeted a retweet from her former producer and mentor, Jimmy Jam. “Love this!” he said of the poster, originated by @MyVelvetRope.

Then, Miss-Jackson-If-You’re-Nasty herself retweeted with the comment, “LOL, Too funny, too sweet.”

The flyer says Janet was “last seen looking like she hopped right out of 1997 into 2015. Maybe she’s a time traveler?”

Urging her fans to find “the mysterious lady in black,” it goes on to plead: “Seriously Janet, where the hell are you? We NEED you back. We miss you. Your fans miss you. THE MUSIC INDUSTRY NEEDS YOU.”

Janet has not been seen at a public event since the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience Gala Dinner on October 31, 2014. Her last original studio album, “Discipline,” was released in 2008.

The flyer also says: “Come back and show these young whippersnappers how it’s done!”