kylie-jenner - blackface - instagram

*You have to wonder about Kylie Jenner‘s intention when she posted the pic above to Instagram … and then took it down after getting flack for it.

As you can see, the picture features a dark hued Jenner with light eyes and pink hair. Different, eh? Or just plain provocative?

“I wish I looked Like this all the time,” is how she captioned ,the pic. Needless to say, the photo got the attention of a lot of responders on social media. And of course the predictable outrage was focused on the obvious: the appearance of Kylie in blackface.

Kylie, 17, then deleted the pic and reposted it with this caption: “This is a black light and neon lights people lets all calm down.”

So do you think she’s clueless as to the perception of blackface or did she do it to get a rise out of folks?

Please weigh in with your thoughts below.