larry wilmore baltimore riots

*The media coverage of the unrest in Baltimore by Fox News and CNN is really getting to Larry Wilmore.

The “Nightly Show” host completely went in on reporters for the two networks as he warmed up with jokes directed at CNN’s Anderson Cooper, whom he felt was among the reporters who are “out of their element” in Charm City.

This was especially evident for Wilmore, who made fun of Cooper’s struggle with whether to call a looted and burned-up shop a “weave store” or a “hair store.”

“Don’t worry, Anderson Cooper — you can say ‘weave store,’” Wilmore said. “It’s not the N-word, for Christ’s sake.”

From there, the jokes continued to fly regarding CNN as Don Lemon caught the next round of jeers.

“He just needs to stop trying,” Wilmore advised. “Even the governor of Maryland and the mayor of Baltimore walked away when Don tried to suggest they weren’t handling the riots well.”

With the warm ups out the way, Wilmore proceeded to go fully in on Fox News with a bit of counseling.

“Let me give you guys some advice: When shit like this goes down, all of you should just go home and show reruns of ‘Killing Jesus,’” he said, “because you’re never going to be able to relate to this.”

Shepard Smith ultimately caught a vicious response from Wilmore, who didn’t take kindly to him using the phrase “thugs go thugging” in describing the situation.

“Fu*k you, motherfu*kers, man,” stated the Comedy Central personality, who noted was obviously tired of hearing gang name “Black Guerilla Family” “used so frequently and gleefully on the right-leaning cable news channel.”

To see Wilmore express his opinion of Fox News and CNN’s reporters covering the drama in Baltimore, check out the video below: