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*Before Larry Wilmore spun off from “The Daily Show” to “The Nightly Show,” the actor, writer and producer was able to soak up some valuable knowledge under the tutelage of Jon Stewart.

As the show’s resident Senior Black Correspondent, it was Wilmore’s task to extract humor from issues of race that would make headlines. With Stewart preparing to leave “Daily” before year’s end, Wilmore gave us a peek behind the curtain at Stewart’s lasting influence on his creative process.

“Jon always raises the bar on that show. He pushes you in directions that sometimes you’re uncomfortable with,” said Wilmore. “We never go with whatever our first take [is]. Whenever I wrote those Senior Black Correspondent pieces, whatever our first joke was, was just our starting point to write maybe our first draft or to start talking about it.”

Below, Wilmore says Stewart always encouraged him to dig deeper for the funny:

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Below, Tuesday’s episode got awkward when MSNBC’s Alex Wagner was the lone panelist against giving convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the death penalty:

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