ledesi*Let it be said that Ledisi loves her locs and wears them proudly.

Apparently, others have taken notice as the Grammy nominated singer has been named the first Design Essentials Natural beauty ambassador.

In an interview with CocoaFab.com, Ledisi shares her thoughts on being a beauty ambassador, criticism for her hairstyle and Zendaya’s response to the assessment of her locs by “Fashion Police.”

Highlights from the interview are below:

Why do you think more and more women are wearing their hair natural?

There are more style options with natural hair today than it was 10 years ago. That excites people to want to wear their natural hair. No matter what you wear…weaves, wigs, extensions or treated hair you must take care of your hair in it’s natural state now or later.

Does it help to have an icon like you at the forefront proudly wearing your natural hair? It is beautiful by the way.

Awww..thank you. I think it does. I always take style risks with my locs and I encourage people beauty always starts from within. I wanted more styles and healthy hair and I found a way to have both. Being a beauty ambassador I can share my secrets and talk hair.

How did it make you feel when you heard a young girl like Zendaya got joked on about her locs in such a negative way, given that black women are constantly made to feel insecure and inadequate about their hair?

Everyday there is at least one person saying something mean about my locs. One girl told me yesterday my locs stop my beauty. What a mean thing to say to someone. Zendaya responded beautifully and I think when people don’t understand or hair choices it’s our job to lift them by explaining or just say nothing and be our beautiful natural selves.

How excited are you to become a beauty ambassador for Design Essentials Natural?
I am beyond elated. When I started this business they kept telling me I needed to change my look in order to make it in the business. That included changing my hair. I’m so glad I made it thus far by just simply being me and getting better and better every year.

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