dmx rock the bells

*Police are investigating a man’s claim that he was robbed by DMX and members of his entourage at a Newark, N.J. gas station early Sunday.

The man, 21, told cops he saw the rapper and his crew at about 12:30 a.m. outside an Exxon station along Route 21, according to Newark police spokesman Sgt. Ronald Glover.

The man, who did not want to be identified, told ABC’s local news affiliate that DMX’s entourage of about 15 people rolled up in four black Escalades.

“Fans basically surrounding him, they wanted to take a couple pictures with him,” the man told “Eyewitness News.”

He said that his friend walked past DMX and his bodyguards to go into the store, but the doors were locked, so they started to walk back. They were then approached by one of DMX’s bodyguards.

“They probably thought we had a gun, because he has his hand in his pocket – and that’s how people carry if they have one like this,” he said, “that’s why he asked him what was in his pocket. Then he was like ‘nah, there’s nothing in my pocket, then he showed him the money.”

That is when the men claim DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, got a look at the wad of money – $3,200 the alleged victim says was from his just-cashed paycheck – and DMX snatched it.

“DMX took the money, but the bodyguard was the one who glanced us at the handle of his gun,” the alleged victim said, “he’s like, ‘come on, yo, we out we out talking to his entourage’.”

The alleged victim also said that cameras caught the whole incident – the two men claim they followed the Escalades, and got a license plate number, which they handed over to police.

So far, police are being tight-lipped about their investigation, but the Ruff Riders rapper was in New Jersey on Saturday night for a concert.

Newark Police say no charges have been filed as of yet. They are hoping surveillance pictures at the gas station will provide more evidence as to what happened.

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