mary mary (we-tv-reality-tv-show)
*Here’s what’s coming up on tonight’s “Mary Mary” on WEtv:

Tina gets a last-minute booking for Mary Mary on a Costa Rican cruise so the sister act packs up and heads out on the high seas for a working vacation with their husbands. But before they go, a nervous Erica goes for a long-overdue mammogram with her friend Yvette in tow for moral support, as she’s beaten cancer several times herself.

Meanwhile, Tina spends a little time in the studio with Warryn to work on songs from her solo venture but he’s dismayed when Tina says she has no timetable for releasing her own album. He hoped that focusing on her career would make her step away from Mary Mary and give Erica the time she needs to focus on her budding solo career.

Once on the cruise ship, not everything is smooth sailing. Before they even leave the port, Erica gets a call telling her that her mammogram results were inconclusive and she needs to go back for another one. Then at dinner, Erica tells Tina she feels it’s time for her to focus on her Erica Campbell music. That news doesn’t go over well with her sister, who feels like she has no choice in the matter and that this is being forced on her. Tensions worsen when Tina gets angry at Erica for being 40 minutes late to sound check because she had to help her sick husband get to the infirmary.

Later, as the sisters get ready for the show, the frost hasn’t thawed one bit. Will they be able to pull off a crowd-pleasing performance or is Mary Mary a sinking ship?

In the clip below we see Erica finally revealing that she thinks it’s time to take a break from Mary Mary and go solo on her own:

“Mary Mary” airs TONIGHT at 10pm E/P on WEtv.