*Are you black or African American?

If this is a question you never really considered much, and flippantly answer one way or another on any given day (like me,) you might want to change that. Not that its wrong, but a new study shows that a growing number of black people in America are foreign-born immigrants; and this may now make it necessary for African Americans to check a different box on that application, if you get my drift.

The new study sheds greater light on the people ‘black’ may more accurately represent.

The U.S. Census Bureau-based data shows that many black people  now residing in the U. S. come from other countries such as the Caribbean and countries in Africa such as Nigeria and Ethiopia. Currently, according to the study, 9 percent of blacks in the United States were born outside the country and the number of foreign-born blacks in the U.S. has tripled since 1980.

The Census Bureau projects that by 2060, more than 16 percent of U.S. blacks will be immigrants. And in this study tend to be older, better educated, and wealthier than U.S. born blacks.

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