Greg Hardy (mugshot)

*NFLer Greg Hardy just found out the upcoming pro football season won’t include his services for the Dallas Cowboys for 10 of the regular season’s 16 games.

That’s because the defensive end has been suspended for 10 games without pay, after the league determined he brutalized his ex-girlfriend. We’re talking domestic violence, something the NFL has a very low tolerance for.

According to TMZ Sports, a 2-month NFL investigation determined Hardy attacked Nicole Holder 4 times.

In May of 2014, they concluded Hardy:

— used physical force that landed her in a bathtub

— used physical force that landed her on a futon that was covered with 4 semi-automatic rifles

— grabbed her by the neck, leaving visible marks

— shoved her against a wall

Hardy, who was playing for the Carolina Panthers at the time, had been convicted of assault, appealed and had an automatic right to a new trial. But the second time around Holder refused to cooperate and the charges were dropped.

The Panthers deactivated Hardy in September, shortly after the Ray Rice graphic video surfaced, and Dallas picked him up last month.

It’s one of the harshest punishment meted out by the NFL for domestic violence.

Read the NFL’s official statement on Hardy’s suspension, HERE.