obama basketball

*After coming up with the historic nuclear weapons agreement with Iran last week, an emboldened President Obama took to the White House’s b-ball court on Monday to let off some steam. And boy was he smokin’ hot.

It all went down at the annual Easter Egg Roll, which of course, is a time of family and fun that’s dedicated to the children. But when members of the Washington Wizards, including John Wall and Paul Pierce, showed up for the festivities, the prez, a hoops fanatic, just had to have some action with the NBAers

Here’s what the Washington Post reported:

The five players were separated to captain five teams of children. But Wall was the only player shooting — his teammates were only retrieving rebounds and helping the children on their squad shoot. Obama then joined Wall’s team and they won two straight games before the other Wizards began shooting. But Obama and Wall won the last game to finish with three straight victories anyway and Obama added some boasts after his late-game heroics.

“He trash-talked Paul when he hit the game-winner,” Wall said. “He was like, ‘I’m clutch, I’m clutch.’”

Yep, he sho-nuff did trash-talk Paul Pierce, a serious world class trash-talker himself.

Check out the video of the shot and the … trash-talk: