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Chiraq” is a word you may or may not have heard of if you’re not from the mean streets of the Windy City, Chicago.

To be specific, “Chiraq,” is a slang word from the ‘hood that became synonymous with Chicago “because of its violent history and crime rates one of Americas most dangerous cities,” according to the Urban Dictionary.

“Chiraq” is also the title of a new film from Amazon(.com) Studios to be directed by Spike Lee. TheWrap is reporting that Lee is looking to bring aboard Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Piven, Common and Kanye West for the production’s ensemble cast.

So far the film’s plot details have not been released, but with a name like “Chiraq,” we’ll bet anything it won’t be a musical comedy.

TheWrap goes on to point out that Common, Piven and West are all from Chicago, and are in talks for the film, but no deal is in place as of yet. However, Jackson is expected to do a cameo role.

You can find out more at TheWrap.

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