stacey dash & meredith viera

*Yo’ girl Stacey Dash is headed to “The Meredith Viera Show” today, Wednesday, April 29, and if you like crazy, you’ll want to tune in.

The “Clueless” actress/conservative political commentator stopped by to speak her mind about why she doesn’t believe in a gender pay gap and why she isn’t supporting Hillary Clinton (as if anyone on planet Earth thought she would.

First her thoughts on the gender pay gap:

Meredith: Rita wilson she spoke out about gender inequality in Hollywood, DC and Fortune 500 companies. I know you took issue with what she said. Why?

Stacey: Well because I feel like it’s an excuse. It’s the same thing with race, it’s an excuse. Stop making excuses.  If there are opportunities seize them and be prepared for them and be the best if that’s what it takes. If you have to be extraordinary then be extraordinary.

Meredith: I feel like we are fighting an uphill battle, when you look at just the numbers we make 78 cents for every dollar that a man makes.  The rate we are going my daughter who is  22 will be 65 when there is finally pay equality. There’s something wrong, there is something clearly wrong. I don’t know if it’s us just not taking responsibility, we are not given the opportunity.

Stacey: I don’t know if that’s true.  I really feel if you are. 

Meredith: That’s true, that’s documented.

Stacey: No I know the numbers are true but I feel like your daughter will be able to make as much money as she wants in her life just like you are. I mean look at you. The success you have. 

Meredith: I am successful but it took me a long time. It takes a lot of people a long time. For many years I was not getting paid the same as the guys. ,

Stacey: You think it’s because you are a woman?

Meredith: I think that had a lot to do with it. If you look at the number there is a reason women get 78 cents  and men get a buck.

Stacey: I guess I won’t put my fate into anything other than my own action and taking my destiny in my hands. I will not be a victim. 

Meredith: I’m not saying I’m a victim. Im pissed off. I don’t want to be a victim.

Stacey: And that’s the thing if you want to be pissed off about it then be pissed off about it and work harder for it. I don’t think us complaining about it because there is a law passed that we get equal pay. 

Meredith: Except we don’t. We don’t. We don’t.

Here’s what she had to say about not supporting Hillary Clinton for president:

Meredith: You took,I thought very unfairly, a lot of heat when you didn’t support Barack Obama from the African American community and I thought that was totally unfair. Are you feeling the same kind of heat like I’m a woman they are going to expect me to vote for Hillary.

Stacey: Probably, but I don’t care because I feel the same way. It’s the person whose going to lead this country the best that is what should be the criteria. It shouldn’t be anything other than that. 

Meredith: I absolutely agree. You shouldn’t be voting the sex of the person or the color of their skin or anything like that. So I take it you’re not supporting Hillary Clinton.

Stacey: No, absolutely not.

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