kelly price (screenshot)

Kelly Price

Stop,  Drop, and Roll!”

Sounds like a drill, well, it is … kinda..

KB Wins catches up with your favorite celebrities and ask them to stop for a moment, and drop some of their best advice,   We bring you along as we catch up with them going about  their day to day lives.  Sometimes we catch them off guard and sometimes we arrange a meeting.  But they always know the drill.

Kelley Price was the first and she was gracious enough, to answer the call for some knowledge for the babies.  We caught her off guard.  Hear what she has to say, right before going up on stage to perform at Luenel’s birthday party.  Her words are priceless, and she is so beautiful.  Thank you Kelly!


BTW, if you had the chance, who would you ask to “Stop, Drop, and Roll?” Weigh in below