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Los Angeles CA – The Baron Jay Foundation (BJF) presents Summer Arts Filmmaker Internship Program (SAFIP).  BJF has designed an innovative, groundbreaking 21stst Century educational job training program. The goal: To train Los Angeles area high school students from low to moderate income families about film production.

Actor Baron Jay Littleton Jr. is out to show how science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) relates to filmmaking. A list of job functions to be experienced are Production, Camera, Sound, Grip, Set Lighting, Art, Set Dressing, Property, Make-up/Hair, Costume, Mobile APP, Website technology and much more.

Working side by side with an A-List variety of professional entertainment industry teachers and administrators, students will develop, write, produce and submit a sitcom to be aired on a national cable network.

Job training will be held at Harvest Studios, an independent Hollywood production studio. Classes and Workshops will be off site. Entertainment industry professionals will provide expert job training. This program is designed for students who may otherwise have no exposure to the entertainment industry. SAFIP will offer a route of self-expression to urban students who may have been stifled by the lack of opportunity and exposure to an entertainment industry right in their own backyards. Students will learn to think on many different levels: Planning, follow-through, equipment operation, crew support and many other job titles seen when credits roll at the end of a movie or television show.

Baron Jay says, ‘We are taking a holistic approach to workforce development by leveraging our strong network of ties in the entertainment community—to match students’ skills to the needs of one of L.A.’s biggest industries.’

Once students complete the internship program, they will become alumni and can come back and work on future productions. They will also be directed to other industry opportunities.

Students will be paid a stipend for their internship, which will set them on a path towards lifetime income earners. The BJF is partnering with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s ‘Hire L.A.’s Youth’ program.  Students will be selected from high schools within Los Angeles City Council’s low and moderate income communities. This program will elevate each community’s quality of life through art and cultural diversity.

Through the support and guidance of teachers and administrators, students will develop confidence in themselves and their skills, and take pride in their accomplishments.


– A forum to air ideas

– A chance to perfect and expand talents

– Opportunity to learn new skills

– Hands-on learning, Classroom instruction

– Behind-the scenes experience

– Tips and workshops from professional insiders

– A final product they can call their own

-Demonstrate how STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, Math relates to film production

– A chance to meet new people with diverse strengths in a stimulating environment

BJF is looking for long term relationships and has many creative ideas and venues that will help make a partnership with the company a success.

About Baron Jay actor Lou Gossett Jr. says, ‘Baron Jay’s charm and grace make difficult things look easy and uneasy situations a distant memory.’

Says Baron Jay, ‘Come out and join us for a summer you will never forget!’

For further details please contact [email protected] or call (818) 568-3330.

Baron Jay Littleton Jr.

Baron Jay Littleton Jr.