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*Everybody wants to go to Cuba now that the opportunity to do so has happened because political relations with that island nation and the US have thawed out somewhat.

You’ve probably heard that lots of companies are just itching to get access to the market because of the pent up demand for goods and services the island nation needs. Well, add the National Basketball Association/NBA to the list. According to the NY Times, the organization is taking a team to the Cuban capital Havana for a four-day basketball clinic.

As part of the “Basketball Without Borders” program, the NBA will coordinate with the International Basketball Federation to bring Spanish-speaking players to meet their Cuban counterparts.

As we alluded to above, the news comes in the wake of the recent thawing of U.S.-Cuba relations.

“We’ve seen the bridges that basketball can build between cultures,” NBA deputy commissioner Mark Tatum told the Times.

In case you didn’t know, basketball has been a popular sport in Cuba for decades, the NY Times report reminds.

The clinic will run from Apr. 23 to 26.