Tia Mowry*Tia Mowry privately settled a lawsuit with her ex-agent who she claimed took advantage of a lucrative sponsored tweet deal.

Mowry signed a deal with Brian Hanley of Innovative Artists Agency in 2009 to send out tweets for the company. The agent was supposed to be given 10 percent commission off of all her tweet deals.

When her team did an audit of the tweet deals she found out she wasn’t be paid fairly. She filed suit claiming Hanley owed her $60,000. Also, she demanded $120,000 in punitive damages, according to theJasmineBRAND.com.

Hanley clapped back at Mowry, denouncing the allegations he stole money, claiming he only took 10 percent. He claimed her sister Tamera Mowry garnered access to the accounts and had advertising agencies transfer money.

Also, he claimed Tia came to him out of being unsatisfied with her previous tweet endorsement agent. Eventually, the two settled out of court.

Read the legal documents here.