tina knowles & richard lawson (white)

*Tina Knowles has taken a second stab at marriage. And while the decision to tie the knot with her boyfriend Richard Lawson was a long shot, Beyoncé’s mom revealed that it was someone just as special who changed her mind.

In an interview with People, Knowles shared that it was during a family vacation last September when her 3-year-old granddaughter Blue Ivy first suggested that her and Lawson get married after 18 months of dating.

“Richard said, ‘Oh, Blue, soon. Do you approve?’ And she said yes,” Knowles told People. “That’s the first time we talked seriously about getting married.”

blue ivy

Although she is now happily married, Knowles confessed that her relationship with Lawson came as a pleasant surprise.

“There was a time when I doubted if I would find love again,” the  61-year-old matriarch said. “But I was determined to be happy, and God sent somebody into my life.”

“You can find love at any age,” Knowles continued. “You just have to go for it.”

The result, as it turned out, was Lawson and Knowles exchanging vows aboard a yacht called “Eternity” during an all-white wedding ceremony months after Blue Ivy’s suggestion. Guests on hand for the nuptials included Beyoncé, Solange, Jay Z, Alan Ferguson, Lawson’s two children, Knowles’ two grandchildren, actor Samuel L. Jackson, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

“It couldn’t have been more perfect,” Knowles expressed to people about her wedding day, which also found her taking her new husband’s last name.

For anyone wondering why the wedding guests donned all white for the occasion, Knowles mentioned that it all amounted to it being kind of a family tradition after Beyoncé’s wedding in 2008.

“Beyoncé started it, and then Kelly and Solange had all-white weddings,’ she stated. “It’s just elegant, and white represents the purity of love.”

Now that we think about it, we’re going have to start calling her Tina Lawson because she’s  taken her new husband’s name.