vin diesel - paul walke

*It’s without doubt the cast of “Furious 7” are still grieving about the death of actor and star of the series Paul Walker.

Vin Diesel is no exception to that. He truly misses him friend who started the film series with him.

“It’s a heavy thing,” Diesel said about Walker. “I grew up in the bouncer world, and we lost people while we were bouncing. But the brotherhood in Paul Walker was something completely different.”

The actors’ careers took off around the same time, and they remained close friends throughout the years — experiencing some of the same Hollywood high points together.

“We grew up in the business together, and we became famous together, and we represented the biggest franchise together. He was my partner,” the 46-year-old continued. “I’ve been acting all my life and they don’t teach you in acting, how to mourn someone and simultaneously pretend they’re in a scene with you.”

Nevertheless, Walker’s legacy lives on. His brothers Caleb and Cody finished the film after Paul passed away during a tragic car accident Thanksgiving weekend 2013.

“It’s one of the darker moments in this, in my journey,” Diesel said to Ripa and Strahan. “It’s a rough one.”

“Furious 7” is in theaters now and has already taken in more that $1 billion in box office receipts worldwide, marking the quickest initial rise in box office history.

According to IGN, it only took 17 days for “Furious 7” to reach the new milestone –– The Avengers, Avatar and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 all crossed the same mark, but it took them 19 days to do so. The total global sales for “Furious 7” are estimated at about $1.009 billion, with $735 million in overseas tickets, and $274 million in North America.