vivica & wendy

*Vivica A. Fox’s return to reality TV is not being welcomed by Wendy Williams.

As we reported earlier, on Friday (April 17), the daytime TV talk show host weighed in on Fox joining the cast of “Hollywood Divas” as she ultimately gave a thumbs down on the move. In Williams’ eyes, Fox is above doing the TV One show in light of her history on the big screen.

“Vivica Fox, I love you, but I hate this idea. You are above this,” Williams expressed. “For goodness sake, you were in ‘Pulp Fiction’! What are you doing joining the cast of ‘Hollywood Divas’? Now, there’s nothing wrong with ‘Hollywood Divas’ and shows like that….but they are for a certain echelon of people. When I think of Vivica A. Fox, I’m not comparing her to Golden Brooks, from ‘Girlfriends.’

“Golden Brooks was on ‘Girlfriends’; respectable career, but where has she been? She’s not supposed to be in the same room, on the same cast as Vivica A. Fox. That’s all I’m saying,” continued Williams, who referenced a high level entertainer in comparing the downgrade.

“It would be like if Mary J. Blige joined the cast of ‘R&B Divas’….Yeah, she was on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, but that’s the higher tier of reality TV. But what I’m trying to do is show more respect for her to be a real diva of Hollywood…”

Williams went to highlight Fox coming aboard the sequel to her 1966 sci-fi blockbuster “Independence Day” as further evidence that she shouldn’t go the reality TV route.

“Vivica for God’s sake, you were just signed for Independence Day part 2,” she said. “Vivica you can do better, this is a low move for your career.

So how do you feel about this? Does Williams have a point in Fox being above the world of “Hollywood Divas” or is she just blowing hot air for conversation’s sake?

Weigh in below.