tiger woods & mark cuban
*Tiger Woods is usually the life of the party at his annual Tiger Jam, but from the looks of an Instagram video (watch it below), the golfing great was in anything but a mood to have fun at the charity event, which was held last weekend in Las Vegas.

The (selfie) clip, shot by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban during the Jam, captures the festivities as Lynn Gilmartin from Fox Sports has a good laugh at how Cuban “hijacked my Periscope” to shoot the video at what the Los Angeles Times said looks like a gambling table.

Despite claims of Woods leaving him “broke … dead broke,” Cuban appears to maintain his party mode while getting his mingle on. As for Woods, well…he looked be in non-joking mood. Not even Cuban calling him a “sore winner” could lift him up.

Why so sad Tiger?

The Times speculates that the golfer may still be bummed over his recent breakup with Lindsey Vonn.

Or maybe it’s the fact that he’s losing his hair faster than he’s been winning tournaments of late.

Who knows?

The important thing was all the money collected from Tiger Jam benefitted the Tiger Woods Foundation. To see Cuban’s Instagram video, check out the video below: