amber rose*Be careful what you say or you may end up feeling a bit of regret like Amber Rose.

On Friday (May 8), the former video vixen went on Instagram to do some self damage control for claiming Travis Scott wrote the raps of her ex Kanye West.

According to reports, Rose was at Supper Club in Los Angeles when she took the mic to interrupt a DJ who started playing West’s music.

“Stop playing n****s I used to f**k,” Rose yelled after taking the mic.

“Why don’t we play the n**** who writes the songs for the other n****? Travis Scott.”

Although he was onstage at Supper Club, Scott didn’t say anything during Rose’s interruption, which resulted in the DJ playing another Travis Scott song.

Realizing what she did, Rose posted a picture of a Michael Scott from “The Office” looking embarrassed.

amber-rose-drunk Instagram post“Note to self Amber,” Rose wrote in a caption on the Instagram post. “When ur sh*t faced off the Crown and coke stfu it’s not cute.”

To see Rose rant about West while drunk, check out the video below: