amber rose, the real,*Amber Rose stopped by “The Real” and opened up about her upcoming film, “Sister Code” and her new book, “How to Be a Bad B*tch.

“Well, my book is called ‘How to Be a Bad Bitch,'” she said followed by the audience laughing. “Thank you. And I’m taking the word back and making it positive.”

“It’s really just being well-rounded … your finances, if you’re a mom, you’re an amazing mom, you take care of your household. It’s like whatever a man can do, we can do it also,” she added.”

Also, Rose opened up about blasting trolls on social media. She explained she’s from Philly and there, people would either have to fight or clap back, according to YBF.

“You know what, I’m not even that girl, though. In Philly, if you don’t clap back, you gotta fight,” she said. “And I really never wanted to fight, so I just … [snaps her fingers] … I was quick with it. You know what I mean?”