b-b-king*The battle over B.B. King’s affairs continues to get complicated as two of the late blues icon’s children accuse King’s closest aides of poisoning him.

In documents lawyers for Karen Williams and Patty King provided to The Associated Press, the women allege that King’s business manager, LaVerne Toney, and her personal assistant, Myron Johnson, killed their father.

The accusations come days after Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg revealed on Monday that an autopsy was performed Sunday on King’s embalmed body. Test results from the autopsy will take up to eight weeks, the AP reports as Fudenberg mentioned that King’s body was returned to a mortuary.

In an interview with TheWrap.com the King children’s lawyer Larissa Drohobyczer revealed that the family gave her evidence drafted in affidavits to the court that are sufficient to open an investigation in to the music legend’s death. The AP received confirmation from Las Vegas police Lt. Ray Steiber that homicide detectives are investigating.

Drohobyczer stated that she was elected to speak on behalf of the entire King family in light of the entertainer being survived by “so many living children and grandchildren.”

“The family is structured… Mr. King had so many living children and grandchildren and he elected five to be members of the board and to operate a board, so I represent the members of the board who speak on behalf of all the children and grandchildren,” said Drohobyczer who represents Karen Williams and Patty King as well as King’s extended family.

In addition, Drohobyczer voiced that King’s family is convinced that Toney is to blame for his passing.

“[The children] said he was poisoned or his cause of death was attributed to LaVerne Toney’s lack of attention to his medical care,” Drohobyczer told TheWrap.

The King family’s beef with Toney has been going on prior to King’s death as the family lost a court battle to seize control of King’s affairs from Toney, who denies claims made by the family that she stole King’s money and neglected his medical care.

Although an investigation is coming, Fudenberg says it shouldn’t delay planned memorials for King this week in Memphis, Tennessee and Indianola, Mississippi.