allen bullock

*Allen Bullock, the 18-year-old accused of smashing a traffic cone through the windshield of a police cruiser last month, was released from jail Thursday on a $500,000 bail — higher than the six police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

Bullock is charged with eight counts, including rioting and malicious destruction of property stemming from a protest that turned violent downtown on April 25. He was released after his family was able to raise money from around the world, according to his attorney Brandon Mead.

“He’s got a very stable two-parent home,” Mead said. “He’s got a ton of family support. He’s got a ton of community support. Many from around the country and the world are supporting this young man.”

Bullock’s parents encouraged him to turn himself in after seeing images of him in the media, they said.

“He turned himself in. That’s not even right,” said Maurice Hawkins, who is engaged Bullock’s mother. “They are trying to make an example out of him. They are trying to say my son started it. He’s 18 years-old. He’s just a teenager.”

Hawkins said the family had previously not been able to get him out of jail due to the high bail.

“He’s doing OK. He’s taking one day at a time. There’s nothing he can do. That’s a ransom. That’s a high bail,” he said during a phone interview earlier this week.

The online fundraising site,, shows that 345 people have donated $8,800 toward Bullock’s release.

While Hawkins said the family is still trying to get the amount lowered, they acknowledge Bullock was wrong and must be held accountable for his actions.