tom brady (hands up) super bowl 49

*It’s going down.

Or should we say he’s going down.

The “he” we’re talking about is New England Patriots Super Bowl MVP quarterback Tom Brady.

On Monday, Brady was suspended by the NFL for the first four games for his role in a scheme to deflate footballs used in the AFC title game.

On top of Brady’s suspension, the league also fined the Patriots $1 million and took away two draft picks, including next years’ first-round choice.

The NFL didn’t stop there. It also indefinitely suspended the two equipment staffers who carried out the plan, including one who called himself “The Deflator.”

The league cited the integrity of the game in handing down the punishment five days after a report said Brady “was at least generally aware” of plans by two Patriots employees to prepare the balls to his liking, below the league-mandated minimum of 12.5 pounds per square inch.