Cheryl Lynn, Anita Baker

*You’ve got to be real kidding?

Anita Baker has blocked her longtime friend Cheryl Lynn on Twitter…and apparently, out of her life completely.

Lynn is straight up baffled by this, and let everyone know just how hurt and insulted she was in a flurry of tweets – expressing everything from hurt, to bewilderment, to accusations that Anita is losing her singing skills.

It all started late last night when Lynn posted a screenshot showing how her “friend since 1980″ had blocked her, which followed her apparent failed attempt to connect with Baker.

What followed was a series of tweets in which the “Got to Be Real” singer basically asked what she had done to deserve this treatment from her friend.

Although she quipped several times that Anita might be jealous of her voice, Lynn also lavished praise upon the singer and assured everyone that her tirade was not a “beef.”

“Just to clear things up there’s no beef between me and Anita. I just needed answers that she wasn’t giving this was the only way. #AllLove,” Lynn tweeted, adding, “To have someone say their your friend and then to one day call them and not have them call you or hate on you for no reason is SAD.”

Sad indeed. Yall are grown. 

At press time, Baker had not responded…unless this is her response, tweeted this afternoon: