*OK, Ciara, what’s the deal with you and Russell Wilson? Are you two an item or not?

That’s basically what folks have been wondering ever since they attended a White House State dinner together in late April.

So far she’s keeping a stiff upper lip about the subject … for the most part. However, during a recent interview with New York radio station, Hot 97, the singer/dancer spoke with the show’s hosts Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez about Wilson with much affection.

“All I can say to you is that he really is an awesome person,” Ciara said with a big ol’ smile. “I can definitely say that Everything in life is about timing. I’ve been able to have my experiences and learn from them and kind of figure out the thing that works for me and is best for me and that’s all I can really say.”

OK, so what do you think? Are Ciara and Russell Wilson officially dating?

Ciara’s full interview with Hot 97 can be seen below:

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Just a few days after being spotted together at the White House. The new celeb couple Russell Wilson and Ciara were seen together again in DC (Sat. night 05-09-15). This time the pair snapped pictures with fans and partied together. Russell stopped by her show at The Filmore in Silver Spring, Maryland.

After, the show, Ciara and Russell hit up her after party at Josephine’s. The two partied and stayed together for the remainder of the night. Check out some photos of the new couple.

They are very cute so happy for #ciara. #RussellWilson #DC #love #newlife

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On point . #ciara and #RussellWilson so much love. #happiness #newlife #jackiealbum #byefuture

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