Colin Kaepernick

*Like they say, stupid is as stupid does.

That would certainly apply to Colin Kaepernick.

Earlier today, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback apologized for a post on social media Tuesday that referenced flood-ravaged Houston, where San Francisco opens the preseason Aug. 15.

On Twitter and Instagram earlier Tuesday Kaepernick posted a photo of submerged cars and this message: “I warned you the #7torms Coming !!! #Houston.” Kaepernick’s jersey number is 7.

Houston and Central Texas are dealing with a severe storm that included 11 inches of rain overnight. As of this posting, 14 people are known to have died as a result of flooding conditions in the area.

Kaepernick later made a follow-up post. It said: “No disrespect intended! Prayers up!” … before issuing this statement:

“I’m so sorry about my insensitive post earlier today. I didn’t fully understand how many people are struggling in Houston right now and I feel horrible. My prayers are with everyone there.”

Meanwhile, Kaepernick’s nemesis, so to speak, Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, offered his support to folks in the water ravaged area on Twitter:

“Praying for all the people in Houston … Healing is on the way!”