southern girl - daisy mae byrd

*From growing up without a mother among the cotton fields of South Georgia, through over forty years of struggle and abuse on all fronts, author Daisy Mae Byrd suffered the ramifications of not being prepared to take on an unjust, greedy, selfish society.

Devastated, after fifteen years of writing and re-writing her autobiography, and finally getting Southern Girl published, her work ended up being the catalyst for wealthy companies to profit, before she could get her book project to the mass market.

But she says “through the grace of God”, the scales fell from her eyes, and she found within herself the power to shape her own life, and free her family from poverty, and to find her own way into the bright world of possibilities that is the true inheritance of all God’s children.

Southern Girl is now completed and available for sale online at Pre-orders can also be placed for the book’s sequel, Southern Girl 2: The High Jacking of Book One, & The Exploitation of Daisy & Lola, which will be available in Fall 2015.

Via the web site, visitors can also access Daisy Mae Byrd’s art gallery of Primitive Style Art.

“Here I am,” proclaims Byrd in her two powerful memoirs. “A child of rural Georgia and the daughter of loving parents, but one too often defeated by social and economic forces that I did not make, did not understand, and could not control. Forces that warped my expectations, and tragically dimmed the horizon of life’s possibilities for far too many years. Along with my parents great caring, I inherited the narrow, forlorn world that they lived in, and I carried this world with me for many years – my own bundle of grief.”




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